Re: workspace-(send-)?boundary-mode can not be set

On Tue, 25 May 2010 01:16:07 +0400, "Alexey I. Froloff" wrote:
> I can't set neither workspace-boundary-mode nor
> workspace-send-boundary-mode from sawfish-config.

Please apply the attached patch. It's because they were declared as
"obsolete", but in fact they seem to work. We've seen a couple of such
instances in the past. Please report if you find a bug related to
these variables, and if you come across another instance of such

I'll push it when Chris comes back.

Teika (Teika kazura)

diff --git a/lisp/sawfish/wm/util/compat.jl b/lisp/sawfish/wm/util/compat.jl
index 2e14f68..cd47637 100644
--- a/lisp/sawfish/wm/util/compat.jl
+++ b/lisp/sawfish/wm/util/compat.jl
@@ -106,8 +106,7 @@
           delete-workspaces-when-empty transients-on-parents-workspace
           audio-for-ignored-windows size-window-def-increment
           slide-window-increment default-bevel-percent sp-padding
-          nokogiri-user-level nokogiri-buttons workspace-boundary-mode
-          workspace-send-boundary-mode lock-first-workspace
+          nokogiri-user-level nokogiri-buttons lock-first-workspace
           ignore-window-input-hint workspace-geometry
           pointer-motion-threshold ignore-program-positions

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