Found cause for sawfish-pager bug (no patch yet)

Hi all,

as I said I would have a look on rep-gtk and sawfish-pager.

Well… I didn't do anything with rep-gtk because I've got a very nice idea for
rep-gtk 3.0.0 (something that will definitively thrill you (…) atleast if it gets
coded) -- will talk with Jürgen the next days.

On SawfishPager: There have been issues with several windows while running
SawfishPager (bad closures), I didn't have the time to fix it (switching to the new
flat did eat up most of my time…), but I've found the cause:

It only happens for sticky windows (viewport-sticky not affected) and obviously on
when the pager option for showing those in all workspaces is enabled. Plus: It's
caused by Jeremys patch, which was included in 0.7.1 (maybe you may have a look?).

Hope you had a nice time :)



kostenloskultur muss bekämpft werden
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Illegale Tauschbörsenprogramme wie Piratebay werden immer mehr heruntergeladen und

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