Re: [PATCH] Provide aliases for backward compatibility

Oh, oh, Alexey, thanks for your hard work, but these functions are not
available from C. They're not declared in any librep header
files. (Read /usr/include/rep/*.) They're extern, but can be called
only from inside of librep.

Furthermore, these functions are introduced in this January, and the
only published version with them is 0.90.5, so I guess it's virtually
harmless without your patch.

I didn't notice this kind of danger, since I'm not so familiar with C.

Note on DEFUN (Ffoo_bar) availability:
1. Not declared at all: Can only be called from pure lisp, or
   from C as rep_call_lisp0(Fsymbol_name(Qfoo_bar, ...))
2. Declared in repint_subrs.h: Only available in librep.
3. Declared in rep_subrs.h: Can be called from Sawfish C, too.

Thank you very much anyway.
Teika (Teika kazura)

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