[PATCH] rpmlint specfiles, add sawfish-pager.spec.in

Attached three patches will fix most of rpmlint's warnings. These
include for example:

- Split everything to main and -devel packages
- No rpath (sed from Fedora's web page)
- Summary tag must begin with capital letter, no dot at end
- License is GPLv2+, not GPL
- No packager tag
- and so on...

I'm currently running git head + these patches, without -devel files.

There is also sawfish-pager.spec.in file. This is based on Michal's
spec, plus some fixes. Please note that this spec file requires above
patches (sawfish-devel.rpm).

Christopher: I didn't create sawfish-pager.patch to actually use
sawfish-pager.spec.in. You're better than me to fix that.

I'll send these as one big tarball this time. Let me know if that's a
big no-no.

Attachment: sawfish-patch.tar.bz2
Description: application/bzip

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