Re: jump-or-exec merged into HEAD

Hi. Random notes:

* The name "jump-or-exec" is superb.
* Waffle has the same goal, but the ui is totally different. It may be
  able to share options with jump-or-exec. I may try to add it as
  "jump-or-exec-interactive". (It may turn out to be a bad idea to
  stash it into jump-or-exec.jl .)
** Its look'n'feel reminds me of browser's url bar completion. Support
   for abbreviations may be nice. (And check for non-existing command, etc.)
* Gimme offers sawfish-config interface, which is good for simple matches.
  On the other hand, jump-or-exec is more flexible, allowing lisp.
* Support for multiple matches has to be done. Gimme do 'cycles', but
  doesn't use x-cycle. If you don't like this behavior for
  jump-or-exec in the trunk, then you can drop it. (I.e. such option
  can be introduced.) In this regards, App is natural in using
  x-cycle. But the grammar is quite different, and x-cycle needs at
  least one modifier. Perhaps it can't be helped.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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