Sawfish-Pager moved to Tuxfamily, yay!

Hi all,

I just wanted to let everyone know that sawfish-pager finally found a
new home, with lots of happy pingus with him:

Why Tuxfamily?

	- it's free
	- I'm the master (I can add other users to the sawfishpager
	  group, without relying on others)
	- You can place your public ssh key on your own (again no need
	  to rely on others)
	- it provides other features, too (CVS, SVN, GIT, Mail,
	  Mailinglist, Webspace, MySQL DB, PostGreSQL DB,
	  Download-Repos, Domain Name, Kind Staff, General Forum)
	- it's simply amazing

You can grab sawfish-pager via:

git clone git://

It's currently 0.7.2 + the two changes from Eli Barzilay.

Have Fun,

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