Re: rpmlint sawfish

On 11/01/10 21:31, Kim B. Heino wrote:
devel-file-in-non-devel-package /usr/bin/sawfish-config
On a Fedora distro, /usr/bin is the _only_ place that has *-config,
and the bulk of those are for setting user level options, not what I
would consider to be "devel", or is there another meaning to this?

On my FC12 install I have 42 /usr/bin/*-config files. I checked
random 10 binaries: all of them were to print (not set) configured
directories and options, i.e. devel files.

Be wary of random selections, my random check of two items delivered a 50/50 split :-)

As I said, let's just ignore this rpmlint's error report.

Ah, I see the gist of what you meant - I thought you were praising rpmlint's opinion, not rejecting it. Very large grains of salt needed there, I think.

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