Re: rep-gtk examples

Am Sun, 10 Jan 2010 15:47:26 +0200
schrieb "Kim B. Heino" <b bbbs net>:

> rpmlint program returns following errors for rep-gtk:
> spurious-executable-perm /usr/share/doc/rep-gtk-0.90.2/examples/gtktreeview.jl
> spurious-executable-perm /usr/share/doc/rep-gtk-0.90.2/examples/clist.jl
> spurious-executable-perm /usr/share/doc/rep-gtk-0.90.2/examples/hello.jl
> I could do "chmod 644" in spec file, but these should be fixed in
> repository.

actually they are +x so that users can actually execute them to see the
examples running. So you'll need to `fix' perms in .spec
> wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding /usr/share/doc/rep-gtk-0.90.2/examples/uimanager/toolbar.ui
> wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding /usr/share/doc/rep-gtk-0.90.2/examples/uimanager/menu.ui
> These files are CRLF, not LF.

> rpmlint gives lot of "devel file in non-devel package" and similar
> errors. I'll send patches to these later.

debian also doesn't have a -devel packge, as it's just one header and
libtool archives, unless I'm wrong


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