Re: A start at adding "tiling inside quadrants" to dmg-quadrants.jl

I threw this up for someone else. Its a screencast of me moving some chat windows into a tiled quadrant on the left:

On 01/07/2010 07:22 PM, Pat Regan wrote:
I have a barely working attempt at making my tiling idea work.  It still
needs some hooks to rearrange the tiling when a window is closed or
moved, so it isn't terribly functional yet.

I tacked on an extra option to the items in the dmg-quadrants variable.
   "none" means it works just like it always did.  "vertical" tiles
windows vertically inside the quadrant, "horizontal" is not implemented.

If a quadrant is marked "vertical," the first window pushed into the
quadrant will occupy the whole quadrant.  When a second window is pushed
into the quadrant, each window will be resized to half the height of the
quadrant and positioned appropriately.

After watching it working properly, I had a new thought.  I'm thinking
maybe instead of having picking and choosing which quadrants to tile
that there should be a function that tiles the windows in an existing

I through a temporary copy of my work in progress up on my web server:

Again, it isn't very usable right now.  It really only demonstrates the
thought I am chasing after.


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