Re: sawfish-config segfault

On 07/01/10 09:30, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
Hi all,

With the current HEADs I get a segfault when trying to launch
sawfish-config, while it didn't yesterday. But I can't see the cause
(no change in sawfish-config), can someone reproduce it? And how to get
more usefull debugging messages? Using Emacs + rep-debugger.el? Well,
I've never used Emacs.


Assuming you have core dumps enabled, start it from the command line so you can run "gdb -c core.nnnn" and then issue the command "backtrace". To get nicer diagnostics you need the symbol tables etc., I'm not sure if Debian produces the equivalent of the "debug" rpms I get. Further reading of the gdb man page will show you how you can get the source lines relevant to the trace as well. So long since I used that I have forgotten it all. Beyond seeing the called parameters of the seg-faulting routine you would need to put breakpoints on the elisp interpreter, and I not going there.

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