Re: [PATCH 0/3] spec file update, once again, sorry...

> a "better hack" is to do in a spec file ./ -V.

"-V" is a nice idea. Current git head already has "./
--nocfg" which will skip configure part. So this is already fixed.

> The next problem is this line in
> @KDEDIR@/ksmserver/windowmanagers/sawfish.desktop

I copied ugly shell hack from librep in git changeset
e8d492bdafc9661818b985f1731cbbe744f270bd to fix this. Spec
also had "@REP_EXECDIR@", which hardcodes arch to pathnames. 

> Of course that depends on a presence of %{_kde4_appsdir} macro but at
> least Fedora 11 and 12 provide it

I didn't know about %{_kde4_appsdir} which is much better than my
shell hack. I'll check and create one more patch.

> I am not sure why it adds '%{_includedir}/rep-gtk/'.

That patch was for next rep-gtk version. Git changeset
58450351462e91f5e387078ac9a2bac808180203 will install headers there.

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