Re: I need tiling of windows...

On 01/02/2010 07:35 PM, D M German wrote:
You got me thinking...

the problem with my quadrants mode is that it is absolute
coordinates, But proportional coordinates seem to be more adequate
some times.

ANother enhancement to quadrants would be to save the quadrant in
the window, so if the quadrants get resized then the window can be
resized. Even more, to be able to get a window to a quadrant by class
or title (this is trickier, though, as sometimes we want windows of
the same application to different quadrants).

So it would be nice to have quadrants defined (say the 3, one third
each) and then ask sawfish to send the current windows to the
closest quadrant, effectively tiling.n

If you're looking to have something smart happen when the resolution
changes...  Maybe you could just resize and reposition every window.  I
used to do something like this in my old send-to-head xinerama script:

It looks like someone even fixed a bug in it!

IIRC, it was supposed to scale window sizes up and down when you moved
between heads of different sizes.  You could do the same on a rotate or
resolution change.

I do something like this with dmg-quad-send. You are asked for a
quad, and the current window sent to it and resized to fill it.

Both our scripts do that much.  I want to take a larger quad...  The
first window pushed into the quadrant would fill it 100%.  When a second
window is pushed to that quadrant they would both be sized to 50% and
tiled vertically.  The third window would tile 3 windows vertically...

I am not much better, but I like the idea to get quadrants better. It
is a quick hack as it stands.

Both our scripts may be quick hacks, but I'd feel like I was in the dark
ages if I had to do without.

Pat>  My ugly script does one other unrelated, but interesting,
thing.  It Pat>  sets the font size of my terminals based on
quadrant.  I find Pat>  terminals under 80x25 and too far over 80
columns wide to be pretty Pat>  useless most of the time.

Mmm, I guess we can have hooks for after a window is sent to a quad,
they are executed. I kind of like that.

It is very handy. I tried to write a resize hook for terminal windows. I failed. I don't remember why, though. My idea was pretty simple. If a terminal was resized to under 80 columns it should decrease the font size. If it was resized above, say, 120 columns it should increase the font size.


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