Re: New window-class proposal, and question on ICCCM & ewmh.

Timo Korvola iki fi (2010-02-21 at 1930.46 +0200):
> > Though I don't have GIMP now, it has three windows, so I
> > guess the class is common to all, and the instance varies for
> > each.
> You guess too much.  WM_CLASS names an _application_ instance, not a 
> window instance.  It is also by no means required to be unique: people 
> often have several instances of xterm running without bothering to give 
> them different instance names.  There is WM_WINDOW_ROLE for identifying 
> different windows of the same application based on function.  It is 
> specified in the ICCCM under session management: SM_CLIENT_ID and 
> WM_WINDOW_ROLE together must uniquely identify a window (Gimp does not 
> get that quite right, it seems).

I was going to reply with similar text, you were faster, only thing to
add is . It seems to
be a common thing as when looking for info, I hit some other apps and
wms that had the same issue, it is seems to be a "old school that
cares (with boring configuration)" vs "new school that is lazy/does
not care (but got shiny bling bling)" wm/app battle. Or just that
coding session management is not as fun as other things. Rant over. :]


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