Re: smart-tile

Am Wed, 10 Feb 2010 08:25:03 -0800
schrieb D M German <dmg uvic ca>:

> Hi Chris,
> I was trying to download this script from the web site, but the link is
> broken (404). I see that you were the last
> person commenting on it. Would you have a copy?
> Thanks!

You're right, because I've uploaded it to my site and then it got deleted by the
webhoster-transistion (well not by, but while). You can get the script from here,



Re: Facebook PHP-Beschleuniger HipHop veröffentlicht
Score: 3 Von finger am Mi, 3. Februar 2010 um 16:57

Hehe.. tönt *echt* bekloppt.

"hey dude, we have this supahfast php-thingy.. and i like hip-hop.. jay-z,
snoop-dogg shizzle.. lets call it hip-hop! yeah, dude, sounds awesome,
lets call it hip-hop you don't stop 4 real y'all!

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