Re: sawfish and librep

Am Sat, 28 Aug 2010 11:17:26 -0700
schrieb D M German <dmg uvic ca>:

> Hi Everybody,
> As of today (git), sawfish requires version 0.90.7 of librep. But the
> latest released version is 0.90.6. Any plans to do an release of the
> 0.90.7?
> thanks!

librep 0.90.7 won't be released, once I've tested Teikas patch from today and commited
I'll bump to 0.91.0 (and soname to 9.6.0). rep-gtk/sawfish REP_MIN_VER will be bumped to
0.91.0 then. It's going to be released at least 10 days before Sawfish 1.7.0, together
with rep-gtk 0.90.4 (which Sawfish does also depend on).

The reason for non-release version-bump is that Teikas change makes librep 0.90.7 without
the patch ABI-incompatible to 0.90.7 with that patch. As the next Sawfish release is
Minor+1, not Micro+1 we think it's a good idea to place ABI-incompatibilities here.


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