Re: [Patch] apps-menu

Am Sat, 21 Aug 2010 16:44:22 -0600
schrieb Matthew Love <matth love gmail com>:

> Here is the latest patch for apps-menu.jl.
> This patch allows apps-menu to account for the OnlyShowIn and NotShowIn
> tags from a .desktop file, using the new 'desktop-environment variable
> to check which DE is running.  I was able to test this with XFCE and KDE
> and it seems to work fine in both, though im not able to test with
> gnome, perhaps someone out there with gnome can test.  Some of the
> functions in apps-menu have changed as well, so some testing in general
> would be nice.
> KDE .desktop files appear to reside in /usr/share/applications/kde4, I
> attempted to add this path in the integration.kde file, but that
> wouldn't work, as that file gets loaded before apps-menu (where the
> 'desktop-directory variable is defined).
> Attempting to check for kde and append the path in apps-menu.jl fails 
> at compilation, because that variable isn't set at compilation time, i'm 
> not sure of a way around this at the moment, perhaps someone out there 
> has an idea?
> Cheers

(defvar-setq desktop-directory '("/usr/share/applications/" "/usr/share/applications/kde4/"))

does work perfectly here. Everything else is fine as far as I can see.

Thanks for your efforts,

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