Sawfish is not very robust...

sawfish 1.6.1

I updated OpenOffice last night using the distro to replace the fedora set, and on the next boot sawfish wouldn't start. Trying "sawfish" in a shell I got:
> sawfish
error--> (file-error "No such file or directory" "/usr/share/applications/openoffice.org3-startcenter.desktop")

Looking at this file I found that it was a symlink to a file no longer present, so the error is real, but I consider that for sawfish to turn up its toes at this discovery is a bug, as removal of the bad link allowed normal operation - the file is not _needed_, just effectively corrupt.

Errors/events like this need to be trapped, a message generated, and sawfish moves on to the next step, leaving whatever damage in place and damn the consequences.

Of course "message generated" is a whole debate in itself :-)

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