Re: sawfish on red hat 5.3

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 12:32:52PM -0400, Rodrigo Amestica wrote:
> but I'm working on a red hat 5.3 distribution.

You mean RHEL 5.3?  Should not be that already updated to 5.4?

> librep goes okay, but 
> rep-gtk will fail because I do not have gtk+.

What stops you from typing 'yum install gtk+ gtk+-devel'? As root,
of course.

> If I try to install 
> gtk+-2.12.12 I get so mane dependency failures that make me think is not 
> doable in this distribution.

Why that one?  AFAIK gtk+-1.2.10-56.el5 is present in this distro.

> Would sawfish still work without rep-gtk?

Definitely not.  I do not know in this moment is this version if
good enough for a sawfish version you try to compile but I would not
expect major troubles if any.

> What would I be missing without it?

Eh?  librep provides only a Lisp interpreter but you want some
graphics too.


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