Re: Some stuff to discuss about

>> I've been using sawfish for at least 6-7 years and still never knew
>> what "matched windows" are :)
> Oh, you *must* have a look! There, you can specify window size,
> positions, which frame it should have, etc, etc.
> To use it, first push "add" button. Then a new window appears. In left
> column pull down, choose as a first try "Name". Then push "grab" and
> select a window. Let's assume it's "emacs localhost". From now on,
> every window with the name "emacs localhost" obeys the rules you
> specify there, sizes, position, etc.
> I thought you really understands Sawfish very well, but alas, it *is*
> the lack of doc in Sawfish.

Hi Teika, thanks for the explanation! And I think the docs are pretty
good for sawfish, it's entirely my fault that I never bothered to look
up what matched windows are.

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