Re: [patch] make-theme.jl

Am Montag, den 07.09.2009, 11:53 -0600 schrieb Matthew Love:
> The compiler warnings for make-theme.jl appear to have been caused by
> the compiler becoming confused as to which version of the funcion
> 'make-image to call.  'make-image is defined in images.c, which is
> opened in make-theme.  There is then an inner define call in make-theme that re-defines
> make-image to check the image cache in case the image has already been
> used, and if not call the original 'make-image from images.c using
> gaol.  Apparenetly, having the multiply defined 'make-images was causing
> problems, so re-naming the re-defined make-image and calling that name
> instead where the compilation warning occurs fixes the problem, with no
> noticable side-effects from the theme maker...
> Cheers

... ahh, you've been faster than me, I just found that out too, but am
working on kde-int first :)

prompt.jl should be the last one, setting a real default prompt-*-fun
instead of nil should fix the compiler. perhaps merge prompt and


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