[IMPORTANT] Bug Squash Party v1.6.0!

Hi all,

I would like you to check several bugs, if they are valid and invite you
to the "sawfish bug squash party" :)

(! = high priority / !!! = showstopper = HIGHEST priority)

1) Title buttons don't work when keyboard is in Russian mode


On my system the bug is invalid

2) Some applications shows only Black Malevitch Squar


I haven't tested with WMaker Dockapplets, but I encountered the same
problem with some of the sawlets (see Merlin/Ugliness)

3) Wrong vertically maximized windows after restart


This one is totally valid and maybe related to dock-windows.

4) Config tools should pop up a message if sawfish isn't running


Pretty simple to explain

5) Sawfish needs to listen to resolution changed event


Needs to be fixed!

6) Problem with transparency in vte


I can reproduce it. 

More the next time.

I hope some of you will take apart,

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