Break a commit into pieces, please.

Hi, all.

Chris, (and to make myself keep in mind), please break a commit
into pieces, so that each contain one related edit.

Recently in 08c4aa (1 oct), you've done:
* added new frame-classes (extra buttons for decos) 
* removed built-in audio support (instead rely on an extern playbin)
But the latter is quite big, so separate this into two. Then all is
easy, show/log -p, revert, new branch...

You may know it, but
 git add file1 file2
 git commit
commits only file{1,2}, even if file3 is edited but uncommited.
(In this case, git-rm, in fact :)

You can even add selected hunks with git-add -i

Thanks anyway,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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