Re Q: current sawfish repositories and branches for humans

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 02:47:12PM +0100, zanghar freenet de wrote:
> Here you'll find links to the tarballs, 3rd party packages (though
> not of your interesst) and GIT instructions
I'll start with latest stable tags (0.90.3/0.90.0/1.5.3).  When
people test it, I'll move it to "stable" branch and plant a
1.6-pre mine (evil grin).

Any caveats about sawfish/master branch?

> Now a Q: from me: I'm planning on releasing 3.0 in Dec 2010, so will
> you volounteer r-wrap and what do you need from us (help, GIT
> Account)?
First I need to look through g-wrap sources and some examples of
using g-wrap in real life.  guile-gtk doesn't seem to use g-wrap,
are you sure you want to rewrite rep-gtk?

Sir Raorn.

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