Re: bug#5027: Funny keyboard bahaviour, maybe grab?

Daniel Pfeiffer skrev 2009-11-23 23.32:

I recently installed Ubuntu Karmic Koala from scratch, putting in a
recent snapshot of both Emacs and Sawfish.
Since then, whichever I type, Emacs complains that this Sawfish
window-manager keybinding is undefined.

What keybinding exactly is "this"?

The key bindings work when any other application is focused, so I
suspect this is an Emacs problem.  What I don't understand, is that IMHO
the window manager should take these key events and an application like
Emacs should never even notice them?  AFAIK, the only exception to this
rule is if Emacs grabs the keyboard, as it should while prompting for a

The only way out, seems not to fully maximize emacs, so a thin strip of
the pager remains, such that I can mouse-click focus away from Emacs,
before typing my key-combo.  I have a very keyboard-centric setup, and I
spend more than half of my time in Emacs, so this is a major hassle!

Do you have click-to-focus or focus-follows-mouse?
What version of sawfish?

	Jan D.

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