Re: [PATCH] exit function


* Name "exit" should be "safe-quit" or something.
* I've got my own hack, "warn-before-quit". If windows other than
  registerd ones are there, (mainly in other VPs), "really gonna quit?"
  is displayed. It can be one of options for Chris' code. But it remains
  private quick'n'dirty code, so can't be published ;)
* On wiki, "shutdown" script lets you send keystrokes, e.g. C-q for
  opera. Though it's nice, I think this is not a solution, but a 
  convenience. One reason is that often apps returns a dialog,
  "save before quit?".
* Sometimes you need bare 'quit' in case some apps freeze.

* One safe way for reboot / shutdown is to drop from the trunk, and
  provide it at wiki.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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