Re: Halve window size should unset window is maximized flag

Am Sat, 14 Nov 2009 09:05:35 +0100
schrieb Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl>:

> After upgrading to 1.6 I noticed a neat function "Halve window size".
> To obtain a window at exactly half the screen size I first maximize,
> then halve it's size. Problem is that after this operation the
> "maximized flag" remains true, and I cannot move the window around.

Thanks for this one, I guess it should be the same with
double-window-size. But double-window-size needs more work now where
I'm thinking of it:

a) should it allow the window to be bigger than (screen-width) and

b) should it then set maximized flag? I guess yes

And of course the same for halve-window-size:

a) should it unset maximized flag if the halved window is bigger than
(screen-width) and (screen-height)? Surely not

b) should there be a minimal size which the window can't be smaller?


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