Re: temporary relegation of new func display-message-timeout

Am Tue, 03 Nov 2009 15:15:40 +0900 (JST)
schrieb Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com>:

> Hi. New function 'display-message-with-timeout' is brought in for
> 1.6. It is a very good function, but I'm planning to downgrade it to a
> function without doc, nor annoucement in news.texi. It's only for the
> 1.6 release, and the even better one will be in 1.7.
> I don't like current display-message. The only way to delete the
> window for user seems clicking on it. (I once was upset I couldn't
> delete it. Esc nor Enter doesn't work.)  The appearance is a bit
> shabby, and fonts, color, etc can't be changed. This situation can be
> fixed.  Default timeout can be one of such options, so there's no need
> of seperate function 'display-message-with-timeout'. One,
> 'display-message' which accepts timeout too suffices.
> There're similar devices. Namely, the prompt, and the window for
> cycling which shows the cycled window name & icon. I think default
> fonts, color can be common for all of display-message, prompt, etc.
> (It may be better if user can choose different properties for each of
> them.)
> But the whole rewritement requires a lot. First, we have to design the
> goal. Recoding follows. I don't want to do them all for 1.6. Better
> design wins. This is why I don't like to have
> display-message-without-time, a halfway achivement, open to public in
> 1.6.
> It is used in two places, so what I'll do is to put "Don't use
> this. display-message will have timeout option in 1.7".
> If you have any idea, please let us know it. Regards,
> Teika (Teika kazura)

Well, either remove it and extend display-message or let as is, but
saying "Don't use xyz" is a no-go.

The goal must be an extensible display-message, just like prompt is
(you can change colors (since 1.6), font, position, blah), that's the
major thing.

And well, some keynote about 1.7 ... I personally prefer skipping
summer-release '10 (1.7 in theory) and release 3.0 in winter '10, as
there's much todo (porting gwrap to librep, rewrite of rep-gtk as a
result, update SawfishConfig for GTK+3 (new functions, deprecated
widets transistion, and such), compositor (?), XRandR). I also have some
plans in mind for librep, which will lead every one who is a true lisp
hacker thinking about killing me, as I want to do major changes in the
command names for librep, which would break the whole lisp naming
scheme, but I'll think about it some more and as soon as I'm finished
I'll tell you what I have in mind, so it's no need to worry for now ;)


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