Re: Tabs, the notes

> What about the lisp point of view?
> Would the tabs be displayed in the window list as different windows?
> or would they be merged as a single window object?
> I think it would be nicer if the tabbed windows were really a single
> window in the lisp point of view. Also, it wouldn't be elegant to have
> checks for every single command involving windows to exclude inactive
> tabs.
> The list of tabs could be a property of the windows.

Mmm.. on second thought, maybe this depends on how much do we want to
hide the inactive windows.

I mean.. what do we want to happen when a command is triggering an
event for an inactibe tab?
Do we want every event in a inactive tab to be ignored, or not ignore
it and  make all (or some) inactive tab events be triggered and (if
needed) sync the tabgroup?

if we don't want to ignore events for inactive tabs, then the idea of
synchronizing the depth/size/pos will make sense. But then we have to
think if the combination of different triggers for different tabs
could mess the tabgroup, and for syncing we will need to know what tab
activated the event, so that the other tabs can be updated accordingly
to this tab.

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