'Obsolete' is sometimes valid!


On Tue, 17 Feb 2009 20:37:50 -0800, Derek Upham wrote:
> Can you add a TODO item to look through the docs for references to
> obsolete functions and variables in sawfish/wm/util/compat.jl, and
> marking them as obsolete in the docs?

Derek, are you working on this? 

You know, compat.jl shouldn't be taken without doubt. Close
inspection is neccesary for each. I found
'maximize-ignore-when-filling' and 'maximize-avoid-avoided' are
declared obsolete in compat.jl, but both seem valid in full measure.

Actually, at-signs in "Maximizing Windows" section in sawfish.texi are
lost, and I came across these 'obsolete' variables during the repair.
I'm going to submit a patch.

In fact, I was mislead by compat.jl first, and changed the manual by
marking one as obsolete. I put my change attempt here for
reference. For real obsolete variables, similar formats may be

@defvr {Obsolete Variable} var-abc
When true ...

This variable is obsolete. Use @code{var-new-abc} instead
(@pxref{Window Foo Var}).
@end defvr


Teika (Teika kazura)

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