Re: sawfish: Window title lost with blank in windowlist menu

Andrea Vettorello <andrea vettorello gmail com> writes:
> I could be wrong, but wasn't committed a patch to fix it?

There was a patch to get window titles to show correctly regardless of
the locale Sawfish is running in (they already worked if Sawfish was
running in a UTF-8 locale).  The approach taken there was to use UTF-8
for the window titles regardless of current locale.

Apparently that only fixed the window titles.  The menus aren't
working correctly even if Sawfish is running in a UTF-8 locale.

> The version in Debian is still an old one caused by Lenny freeze.

1.3.3 to be specific.  UTF-8 titles are there.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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