[ANNOUNCE] sawfish-

Hi all,

new release of sawfish. with fixes taken from upstream and only for
librep 0.17.3/rep-gtk 0.18.4, or newer (for librep 0.17.2(or older) and
rep-gtk 0.18.4(or older) refer back to sawfish, or - even
better - update your librep/rep-gtk.



   * New/Updated Requirements:
        - librep 0.17 -> 0.17.3

        - rep-gtk 0.18.3 -> 0.18.4

   * Fixes:
        - allow compilation with librep 0.17.3

        - fix templates in configure.in (fixes autoheader issue)

        - add AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([m4]) to shut up libtool

        - add AM_PROG_LIBTOOL for autogen.sh to run libtoolize

        - new autogen.sh (take from upstream svn) to solve libtool
          1.5/2.2 issues

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