[ANNOUNCE] librep 0.17.3

Hi all,

here's the brand-new release of librep.

NOTE: sawfish will not build with this version, wait for!




   * Updated MAINTAINERS

   * Dropped rep.m4 - use librep.pc instead

   * Improved librep.pc

   * Updated librep.spec

   * Add -L/lib$libsuff to READLINE_LIBS [T2 Patch]

   * Fix compilation on PPC64 [Marcus Comstedt]

   * Small fixup in src/fake-libexec [SuSE]

   * No rpath in src/rep-config.sh [Fedora]

   * Added ebuild [Harald van Dijk]

   * Improved Makefile's distclean rule

   * Reworked autogen.sh

   * Reworked configure.in

   * Major rework of the spec-file

   * Improved configure's ending message

   * Fixed configure.in's templates for autoheader

   * BSD-Tar is not supported by librep, give users a usefull warning
     message [Mark Diekhans]

Have Fun!

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