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On Sat, 25 Jul 2009 23:05:32 -0700
D M German <dmg uvic ca> wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
> I was looking at some of the files in sawfish and discovered that the
> following 3 have as license GPLv3 or any later version:
> ./lisp/sawfish/wm/util/marks.jl
> ./lisp/sawfish/wm/tabs/tab.jl
> ./lisp/sawfish/wm/tabs/tabgroup.jl

... Those files did not have a copyright header and no license at all,
I've copied a license header into them, but did not see that it was the
wrong one, sorry. T_T

I'll fix that now.

> Does this makes sawfish GPLv3 itself?


> The COPYING file in its root
> directory is GPLv2, and all the other files (with few exceptions that
> contain no license):

That's why sawfish is GPLv2+

> ./src/play-sample.c
> ./themes/microGUI/theme.jl
> ./themes/get-S-tabbed/theme.jl
> ./lisp/sawfish/wm/commands/viewport-extras.jl
> ./lisp/sawfish/wm/commands/shrink-yank.jl

That does not matter, COPYING says GPLv2+, so only when otherwise
stated it's not GPLv2+.


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