librep versions [Was: enter-exit focus mode and warping]

As I feared, to build a new sawfish I have to also upgrade the whole rep suite
to versions newer than what Debian has :-(

I am starting to look at librep.  The version I have via Debian is 
librep-0.17+svn20071210 and I assume it is somewhere between 0.17 and 0.17.1.
I am planning to build 0.17.2.  What I find disconcerting is that the libtool
versioning rules have apprently not been followed, since the libtool version
info is precisely the same in both cases:

dnl libtool versioning info: `CURRENT:REVISION:AGE'. CURRENT is the
dnl current interface id, REVISION is the version number of this
dnl implementation, AGE defines the first interface id also supported
dnl (i.e. all interfaces between CURRENT-AGE and CURRENT are supported)

This doesn't have to be broken if the ABI has not changed, but as a
matter of bookkeeping the REVISION is supposed to be bumped in any case.
The fact that it hasn't been makes me unsure if the ABI is really the same.
Can someone (hello Chris) reassure me about that?  And, if we _really_
have to use the autotools, can we do so correctly, please?

Ian Zimmerman <itz buug org>
gpg public key: 1024D/C6FF61AD 
fingerprint: 66DC D68F 5C1B 4D71 2EE5  BD03 8A00 786C C6FF 61AD
Ham is for reading, not for eating.

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