Re: [README] Progress of 1.5.0 (configure, autogen, sawfish-ui)

O.K: I've just fixed the new (some #define have not been defined ...)
so it's in place right now.

@Michal Jaegermann
which gtk+ version is shipped in RHEL 3/4 and CentOS? sawfish needs at least 2.6.0,
so perhaps they are so or so not supported anymore, either way, those are Enterprise Distros,
and as such not our target group.

Furthermore I commited the sawfish-ui-rework.

- Default style is now treeview (to use that ugly notebook-style use "sawfish-ui --flatten")
    The code was there already, but not active.
- Many options are now re-exposed (Keybindings, Viewports (the great return))
- Many options are re-ordered (Misc/Tooltips is now Appearance/Tooltips)

If you can't or don't want to install the current SVN, here's a screenshot of the (old) new sawfish-ui:

Either way the treeview only listens to double-clicks for (un)folding. Anyone here who knows how to
change behaviour to single-lick?

autogen is now fully setup to work with libtool 1.x and 2.x

configure now uses build-info to generate src/build.h, which is #include by some .c files, but was never created.

OPTIONS and NEWS are already up-to-date

There's still a lot of goals which are unassigned, perhaps there's something you'll like to? If so take your chance and assign! :)

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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