[ANNOUNCE] sawfish-pager 0.7

Hi all,

Johan Bockgård did the last piece of work for sawfish-pager 0.7 -> so
here it is:

Download: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=141514


Version 0.7 (2009-02-28, Christopher Bratusek - Judgement Day)

    * Draw windows using hatching, to make them not obscure each other
      (Janek Kozicki)

    * Mark current viewport with "X" (Janek Kozicki)

    * Make hatching and x-mark optional (Johan Bockgård)

    * Respect WINDOW_SKIP property (Janek Kozicki)

    * Merge stock patches from Debian (Janek Kozicki)

    * Added install, uninstall and private-uninstall targets to Makefile
      (Christopher Bratusek)

    * Removed checks for deprecated versions, just check if sawfish.pc
      or not (and do checks accordingly) (Christopher Bratusek)

    * Splitt off NEWS and TODO from README, add INSTALL and COPYING
      (Christopher Bratusek)

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