Re: More on user doc

You're right Guillermo.

Any suggestions? The major problem is, that it is sometimes a bit hard for me to explain things. So perhaps you (or anyone else) may fill the gap.


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> Hi:
> I added some sections, following the current style, so I do not lose
> the info. OTOH, I have doubts about the current organization. It is a
> big bulleted list, sometimes with high tech details (user can be
> interested knowing why there is X11 or why that means there is a
> special program named "window manager"... but exact versions seem to
> be a waste of user attention) and others skipping information or
> reasons for things to be (yeah, I know, incomplete). 
> User doc should be about getting a primer into Sawfish basics so he
> can look up more info later. Some kind presentation or small ref book
> or small "how to use this new electric drill you got" (no, I do not
> mean changing format, I mean the focus).

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