Re: [IMPORTANT] Docs decision

Ian Zimmerman said:     (by the date of Sat, 07 Feb 2009 17:57:44 -0800)

> Christopher> Hi all, First, we need a user-doc for 1.5.0. But we need to
> Christopher> decide what kind of doc. So should it be a html doc,
> Christopher> gtk-doc or anything else? What structure?
> Note that gtk-doc is a misnomer - it's really GNOME-doc.  Which is enough
> for me to reject it violently.
> Best is still texinfo IMHO, as it can be converted into all of HTML,
> TeX (and hence PDF), and Info.
> Thanks for all the work.

I'm sorry guys that I'm so silent currently. My post-doc is about to
end this month and I have to finish my work on what they paid me for.
It's a simply a deadline for my stuff. 

Yeah, the best is to stick with texinfo, no need to reinvent
anything. Just fill in the missing parts about tabs, etc... which is
a *very* hard work anyway. Any extra work to transition to some other
doc system would be too much.

Anyone who understands anything is very much needed to write even a
small part of the doc. I'll join you in that effort after end of this

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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