Re: [PATCH] kde4 and spec

Am Mon, 28 Dec 2009 20:33:41 +0200
schrieb Timo Korvola <Timo Korvola iki fi>:

> On Monday 28 December 2009 17:37:27 Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> > commited, but debians default is /usr/share/apps,
> Window manager desktop files for KDE 4 seem to reside in 
> /usr/share/kde4/apps/ksmserver/windowmanagers.  There is no ksmserver 
> directory in /usr/share/apps.

Really? I've tested 3 months ago for sawfish.wm.integration.kde and
that worked.

> Another thing broken is the separately packaged
> sawfish-merlin-ugliness, because files
> in /etc/X11/sawfish/site-init.d are no longer loaded automatically.

They have never by default, that's a debian extension. Thus it's not
shipped in the default packaging scripts, as their are kept free from
Distrospecific stuff. Either way the solution should be so or so to
install merlin in the default path.

> And 1.6.0 does not build at all because of missing debian/changelog,
> which is not generated from



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