Re: Sawfish on ferora 12 has no window frames

Am Mon, 28 Dec 2009 00:32:31 +1100
schrieb Allan Duncan <amd2345 fastmail com au>:

> I put sawfish (1.6.0) onto an F12 box, and there are no frames around 
> the windows - no size, close, drag etc.  If you go to the Sawfish 
> Configurator, the Appearance tab has no contents.  Xorg 1.7.1, gnome
> 2.28. Works fine on F11.  Xorg 1.6.4, gnome 2.26
> Suggestions?

Any output in .xsession-errors or stderr, if started from terminal
(`sawfish-config')? Perhaps the themes aren't installed properly.


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