Re: [ANNOUNCE] sawfish-pager 0.7a

Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> writes:

> sawfish-pager 0.7a is available for download NOW!

Who's currently taking care of this?  There's a bug I've got a (sort-of)
patch for, but I'm not sure what to do with it.  Colors aren't set
properly: the color-rgb function returns four values (rgb + alpha) not
three, but sawfish-pager expects only three.  So the alpha value for the
first color is taken as the first rgb value for the second, etc.

So in my version of pager.jl I have this as the send-colors function:

  (define (send-colors)
    (send ?c
	  (mapcar (lambda (color)
                    (let ((rgb (color-rgb color)))
                      (list (elt rgb 0)
                            (elt rgb 1)
                            (elt rgb 2))))
		  (list pager-color-background

But it may be better to ignore the extra value on the C side, in case
the alpha value is ever to be used by the pager.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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