Re: Cross-talk between move and maximize bindings in 1.5.3

sand blarg net writes:
> I use the following bindings in Sawfish:
>   "A-Button1-Move"   move-window-interactively
>   "A-Button1-Click2" maximize-window-toggle
> Holding down the Alt key and mouse button 1 and dragging anywhere in a
> window or its frame moves the window.  Holding down the Alt key and
> double clicking mouse button 1 anywhere maximizes or unmaximizes the
> window.
> With version 1.5.3, there is a bad interaction between the two
> bindings with the new warp-to-window feature at unmaximize time.

Any lovin' for this one?  This bug seems to have gotten lost in all of
the focus-related emails.


Derek Upham
sand blarg net

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