Re: Broken enter-exit focus behavior in 1.5.3

Timo Korvola iki fi (2009-12-02 at 1919.51 +0200):
> On Monday 30 November 2009 20:07:59 GSR - FR wrote:
> > The common case is pointer over window W1, focus on
> > W2, trigger iconify so W2 disappers, W1 receives keys (and minimizing
> > it works, so sawfish bindings apply) but frame is normal instead of
> > focused. Could it also be related?
> Possibly, but I cannot reproduce it (in enter-click mode).  For me the 
> frame changes colour as it should.

It is rather strange, because the key binding (H-z) and the mouse
binding (Button1-Off) both call iconify-window. But then, for the
button to work the window that gets minimized has focus, so not
exactly the same case. The above example is leaving the pointer in W1
and focusing W2 with cycle commands (and no warp pointer, obviously).


   pointer --v
        W1 +------+
 unfocused | \ +=====+ W2
           +---|     | focused


        W1 +------+
 unfocused | \    |

If I use the binding on a window that has the focus and the pointer,
the window that is below (and thus "catches" the pointer) gets the
focus fine. But the catcher is the root window, no window is focused
(not very matching the style of enter-only or enter-click).


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