DragDome lost bg colour image-

Hi all,

Many thanks to the sawfish developers ... I just rebuilt from git
after many months of keeping away ... and it's all very stable and

I also updated the DragDome theme and title-offset.jl from the wiki
... and everything in DragDome is also working great, with one very
minor exception:
The custom title bar background colours are not applied correctly.

I have looked through the code and everything seems to be in place;
the colours listed in (define colours-active ...) match the colours in
the PNG files, and all of the colour mapping code down to (define
(recolour-images) ...) seems complete ... however, my title bars
(active or inactive) remain gray rather than my chosen colours.

It's still very usable, of course -- I just chose contrasting text
colours and turned off the icons on inactive windows, but I am
wondering if anyone has any idea what's missing in the DragDome



-- Tom Rathborne --------------------------------------------------------------
        If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,
        you must first invent the universe.         -- Carl Sagan, Cosmos

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