Re: AltGR != mod5 in general

Am Freitag, den 17.04.2009, 07:57 -0700 schrieb sand blarg net:
> Timo Korvola writes:
> > r4474 is erroneous because Mod1..Mod5 do not have hard-coded
> > semantics.  There is no keysym named AltGR.  The key thus labeled is
> > usually bound to the keysym ISO_Level3_Shift and assigned to one of the
> > modifier bits Mod1..Mod5.  It could be any one of them.  To check if
> > AltGR is being pressed, one must check the modifier map to see which
> > bit ISO_Level3_Shift is assigned to, then check whether that bit is
> > active.  It is the same procedure as for Meta, Super etc.  Only shift,
> > lock and control have fixed modifier bits.

O.K I have reverted that in the GIT Repo

> Jamie Zawinski's XKeyCaps manual page has more gory details:
> I also remember seeing C code (which jwz wrote) implementing the
> correct behavior in the XEmacs sources.
> Derek

Do you have a link, or do I have to search on my own?


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