sawfish on freebsd 7.0-RELEASE

psykojime hotmail com (2008-09-28 at 1717.36 -0500):
> i am using sawfish on freebsd 7.0-RELEASE. the problem is i can't get
> any window borders. when i quit sawfish i get the following error
> message:
> ERROR: no such image
> /usr/local/share/sawfish/themes/Crux/inactive:top-left-border.png
> i have double checked and this image does exist at the above mentioned
> location. i am out of ideas. can you help me??

Use another theme or install Crux there. Maybe Freebsd version packs
the themes separatelly? OTOH, if it wants to read the image, something
must be asking for the file, so it looks like the theme is half


well that is a problem as it won't let me pick any other theme in sawfish-ui.
i installed both sawfish and sawfish-themes from ports. i also deinstalled and
reinstalled them just to make sure. the other problem is, as i said, Crux _is_
installed at /usr/local/share/sawfish/themes. i have also tried copying it to
/usr/local/share/sawfish/1.3.3/themes and ~/.sawfish/themes (along with appropriate
modifications to ~/.sawfishrc). i also verified that all .png images exist and that
theme.jl exists. i also tried fiddling with $PATH to no avail and i tried modifying
~/.xinitrc but that too had no effect. i have over a dozen themes installed but
sawfish-ui won't let me pick any other theme. it also wont allow me to select any
of the options for Crux. so that is my story in a nutshell. i hope you can help me.

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