idea for simplification of grow / pack / shrik / yank


I just had some idea for another script. I wanted to tell about it
before I'll forget it.

The major problem of grow / pack / shrik / yank is that there are 16
keybindings for all combinations: 

  four (grow / pack / shrik / yank) * four directions

I just had the idea to kind of "remove" the four directions thingy,
thus reducing grow / pack / shrik / yank to ONLY four keybindings.

However this solution will work best only with focus-follows-mouse
focus method.

Idea is simple: divide a window into 4 parts diagonally:

|\ /|
| X |

Now, depending in which part of the window the mouse cursor is
present - that direction of (grow / pack / shrik / yank) will be used.

With this solution tiling windows on a desktop will be like moving
mouse around and hitting one of only four keybindings. I can imagine
it will be pretty fast. Because currently I need to move right hand
between mouse (to focus on a window that I want to change) and arrow
keys that decides about the direction of (grow / pack / shrik / yank).

But its only for people who use mouse :) I think that throwing mouse
in the direction of a window I need to get focus counts pretty much
as using mouse :) And will have a similar feeling.

If anybody could code it for us, it would be great. I don't think
I'll have time myself for learning lisp now to code this...

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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