Porting rep-gtk to gtk+3

Hi everyone!

Matthias Clasen (gtk+-dev) just announced that, after released v2.14,
they will start working on v2.16 and - what's more important - v2.90!

read more here:


So this means we may make a new rep-gtk branch, where we start working
on porting, after the most important stuff is part/has been made
future-ready in gtk+3.

The problem is, that my C-skills are far from beeing good enough to do
that on my own, so I rely on help from others, so is there anyone who
wants to volunteer?

(As I already said it's not a task for now, but for later on)

What I have in mind:

port to gtk+3

replacing rep-glade (dead so or so) with rep-gtkbuilder (which may be
part of rep-gtk), I'm pretty sure it will replace the deprecated
libglade in GNOME 3.x (and is already an options in 2.x)

if gconf stays our config-database, we could make a rep-gconf, couldn't

libgnome, libgnomeui and libgnomecanvas are deprecated, gtk will provide
better functions (as far as I know), so remove them.

full a11y (accessibility) support (atk, at-spi, gail)

maybe adding rep-cairo and make rep-gtk rely on it? (if cairo stays the
base of gtk+)

I'm pretty sure that many things will change in GNOME 3.x so we'll
surely change our TODO list.

Tell me what you think.


GNOME/Sawfish rule!

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