problems raising audacious player window

Hi list,

I'm having some problems with Audacious <> (site broken for a while now, dunno what's going on) and I'm hoping someone can help.. I can't raise audacious' main player window, without *first* clicking on the playlist window. Clicking on the player window by itself does nothing.

I know XMMS/BMP/Audacious all have somewhat odd behavior when it comes to their windows, snapping together so they can be handled (more or less) as one when moving and raising (at least from what I remember in other window managers). My audacious is typically buried under a few xterms at any given moment throughout the day, and it's becoming extremely annoying to have to click on one of the other windows before the main player can be raised.

Can anyone else reproduce this? Any ideas on how to fix? Maybe I'll just have Sawfish avoid audacious when placing. It's off to the corner, so that may not be too disruptive..



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