--replace ? Seems a wrapper script suffices.

Hi, Andrea & sawfish people.

On Sat, 18 Oct 2008 13:26:28 +0200, Andrea Vettorello wrote:
> I was interested to add a command line "--replace" option to replace a
> currently running WM, but I'm still in the documentation phase. Some
> days ago I was looking how is done on Metacity. Seems it needs the
> cooperation of the running WM, is it documented somewhere?.

Isn't it sufficient to run WMs from a wrapper script? If it's powered 
by a gui with radio buttons to choose WM, then it'd be great.

Wrapper example:


CMD=`cat $NEXT_WM` 2>/dev/null

while [[ -x $CMD  ]]; then
      OPT=`cat $NEXT_WM_OPTION` 2>/dev/null
      rm -f $NEXT_WM $NEXT_WM_OPTION
      $CMD $OPT
      CMD=`cat $NEXT_WM` 2>/dev/null

Teika kazura

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